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 Bugsy's Trade Thread

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PostSubject: Bugsy's Trade Thread   Thu Mar 22, 2007 3:10 pm

Hi there! Thank's for looking! Please use Zenako's/Madda's Price Guide when sending an offer. I'm in the United Kingdom and it will most probably an International Trade so please take that into consideration. Hope you find something you like. Cheers! :beer:


-Blood Golem of Hextor
-Ogre Executioner
-Werewolf Lord
-Lillend x2
-Ice Devil
-Owlbear Rager
-Vlaakith the Lich Queen
-Aspect of Bahamut
-Slaughterstone Eviscerator
-Cadaver Collector
-Eldritch Giant
-Large Fang Dragon
-Arcane Ballista
-Large Bronze Dragon
-Warbound Impaler
-Aspect of Hextor
-Battleplate Marshall
-Medium Silver Dragon
-Hunched Giant x3
-Ghostly Consort
-Dwarf Samurai
-Valorous Prince
-Alusair Obarskyr
-Silver Sorcerer


-Large Astral Construct
-Displacer Beast Manhunter
-Virtuous Charger
-Thrall of Blackrazor
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Bugsy's Trade Thread
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