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 Wraithborne's Trade Thread

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Man of Renown
Man of Renown

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PostSubject: Wraithborne's Trade Thread   Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:26 pm

First things first, The annoying stuff.

1. Less than 10 trades and you ship 1st. This includes trades on Maxminis or Hordelings. I've never traded on WotC and don't know what kind of system they have there, so I'm unsure if I would count references from there.

2. Any past or present disputed trades and you ship first.

3. If you're from the Syracuse, NY area you ship first. Sorry, but the area has a taint on it.

4. In the US, I use DC and expect the same. It's only $0.75. For international trades, Airmail is a must.

5. I ship everything in a box, never a padded envelope. "Padded envelopes is the Devil, Bobby Boucher!!!" If I get flattened minis in a padded envelope, I will leave a negative.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, here's the Good Stuff:



Epic Drizzt


Bladebearer Hobgoblin x4(bagged)


Clawborn Scorrow(bagged)
Shadowbane Inquisitor
Greater Basilisk(bagged)(pending)

Count Strahd Von Zarovich, Vampire(bagged)
Thrall of Blackrazor(bagged)(pending)

Eldritch Giant

Dragon Totem Hero(bagged)
Aspect of Hextor

Medium Silver Dragon x2

Mounted Paladin (bagged)

Gold Dragon
Death Knight(bagged)

Bright Naga(Have card, but it's currently incognito...may take a few days to find)

Uncommon/Common from Night Below

Champion of Dol Dorn x4
Deep Legionnaire x4
Delver Sergeant x16
Guard of Mithral Hall x10
Kalashtar Bodyguard x4
Greyhawk City Militia Sergeant x11
Darkmantle x9
Giant Eagle x3
Halfling Tombseeker x5
Verdant Reaver
Warpriest of Vandria x4
Wild Mage x3
Bluespawn Ambusher x12
Greater Barghest x3(pending)
Hobgoblin Marshal x5
Kobold Trapmaker x6
Carnage Demon x4
Gnoll Claw Fighter x7
Kuo-Toa Hunter x5

Night Below Wants:

Dread Wraith -as many as possible
Mind Flayer Lich - as many as possible
Skeletal Courser - as many as possible
Lifeleech Otyugh - as many as possible
Dracotaur Rager -1(pending)
Frost Giant Jarl - as many as possible
Large Shadow Dragon - as many as possible
Orc Banebreak Rider - 1
Large White Dragons- as many as possible

Other Wants:

Minis that are listed as plural are ones that I would like a whole bunch of and will always be willing to take. Listed in descending set order.

Beholder Lich R -------6***************
Displacer Beast Manhunter R ------2***
Large Black Dragon R --------2
Stone Giant Runecarver----1

Horned Devils**
Ice Devils**
Owlbear Rager
Pit Fiends**

Snig, Worg Riders

Mounted Drow Patrols**
Iron Golems***

Barbed Devils
Chain Devils***
Ogre Magis
Stone Giants

Ettin Skirmishers**

Frenzied Berserker
Ryld Argith
Hook Horrors***
Gibbering Mouthers
Yuan-Ti Abominations***
Mind Flayer Telepaths

Blue Slaadi**
Fire Giants
Frost Giants

Bone Devils*****
Aspect of Lolth********

Unc/C I need to round out trades.
Troll Slashers
Human Executioners
Half-Orc Executioners
Cleric of Order
Moon Elf Fighter
Zhentarim Fighters
Cultists of the Dragon
Drow Sergeant
Githyanki Fighters
Goblin Skirmisher x2
Kapak Draconians
Sahuagin Rangers

Thanks for looking!!!!!!!!
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Man of Renown
Man of Renown

Number of posts : 384
Age : 45
Reputation : 1
Registration date : 2007-03-10

PostSubject: Re: Wraithborne's Trade Thread   Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:27 pm

Just gave this a much needed update after a really heavy week of trading!!
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Wraithborne's Trade Thread
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