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 DDM Guild has a new Chapter in Las Vegas!

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DDM Guild has a new Chapter in Las Vegas! Empty
PostSubject: DDM Guild has a new Chapter in Las Vegas!   DDM Guild has a new Chapter in Las Vegas! EmptyThu Feb 18, 2010 11:23 am

DDM Guild has a new Chapter in Las Vegas!

I got started playing DDM at the NeonCon convention last year when I played with Dwayne Stupak and his son and several other guys. We did a skirmish tournament and an epic 8 man dungeon delve that ran for several hours. I was hooked! A few months of looking for local groups to play DDM with in Vegas later, I decided to start my own group.

As of November of 09, I have begun organizing a new chapter called Clark County Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Guild (CCDDMGuild). We meet at least bi-monthly at's Vegas Game Days at Las Vegas Library and at different local game shops that do in-store gaming. We have about 12 confirmed members so far between our sites at and We keep meeting new people and playing with them at events, but not all of them join one or both of the website groups. We're also active on facebook. If you look up the DDM Guild facebook page, most of the recent posts are from me.

In addition to the local events, we are getting active in conventions. This year, we are focusing first on ConQuest Vegas in March and then on NeonCon in June. We'll be doing a demo of DDM at ConQuest Vegas at Bally's Casino March 19-21st. Last year at NeonCon, DDM Guild had a rather small presence compared to some other games. We're hoping to change that this year when we add our local chapter's tables to the ones that Dwayne will be running. This year, he told me, the Arena Tournament Championship will be at NeonCon, so that should help attendance too.

If you live in the Vegas area or are planning to come to either of the above mentioned conventions, be sure to check us out!
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DDM Guild has a new Chapter in Las Vegas!
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