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 Smithmeg's Guild Repaints

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PostSubject: Smithmeg's Guild Repaints   Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:52 am

In an effort to spread the word on the guilds work.

Quote :
Guild Repaint February 2009 : Demonweb - Kruthick Adult.

Paint needed : Devlan Mud Wash

Normal Painting supplies : paintbrush, water for rinsing the brush, paper towel.


1. Clean your minis

Wash your hands first, then scrub each mini with a toothbrush, using warm water and dishwashing liquid. Then scrub again with just the warm water to make sure there's no oil, or soap, or anything weird on the surface of the mini.
Throw them onto a paper towel a couple of times to knock off most of the water, then leave them to dry.

2. Wash them with Devlan Mud

Shake the bottle of wash, then open it carefully.
It's a good idea to do the actual painting above the paper towel ... the wash might splatter a little.
Dip your brush in your rinsing water, brush it gently on the paper towel to remove the excess water.
Dip your brush into the wash, brush it on your mini. It should flow off reasonably easily, and fall off the high points, into the shadows. Keep getting wash, and putting it on the mini till it is reasonably covered. If it pools anywhere, use the brush to move it to other spots. Make sure you put at least a little wash over the whole mini - the wash darkens the silver, and makes it less shiny - if you miss anywhere, it will really show up in the final result. If any of the areas that should be dark aren't, you can guide the wash into those spots with the brush. After you've done each mini, it's a good idea to rinse out your brush. Leave the minis for 20-60 minutes to dry (exact time will depend on the weather).

(post a picture, or tell us how many you painted)

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Smithmeg's Guild Repaints
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