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PostSubject: DDM Guild Info   DDM Guild Info EmptyTue Nov 18, 2008 1:19 pm

Posted By on 11/17/2008 9:31 AM

We've been delaying this update for a bit as we await the resolution of a few details. However, we know that folks are clamoring for news, so here's what we've got at this point:

Guild Name

A name has been chosen based on popular consensus: DDM Guild. Long live the DDM Guild!

Guild Leadership Structure

The DDM Guild will operate initially with the following leadership structure:

Guild Team

Guildmaster: Responsible for the overall operation of the Guild.

Chapter Lead: Works with the Chaptermasters to ensure the Guild is fulfilling the needs of the individual chapters and the chapter membership as a whole.

Chaptermaster: Works with the Chapter Lead and individual members of a chapter to organize and report events, as well as to feed input from the chapter members to the Guild Team through the Chapter Lead.

Community Liaison: Works with the Chapter Lead to feed input from the community as a whole (including special interests, such as fan sites like Maxminis and Hordelings, as well as geographic areas, such as Europe or South America) to the Guild.

Organized Play Lead: Works with the Chapter Lead to determine formats to sanction; establish a sanctioning process, ranking system, and sanctioning and reporting rules; and works with Chaptermasters to provide judge resources and prize support.

Guild Crier: Responsible for maintaining mailing lists and promotion of the Guild and its operations. Coordinates, edits, and sends quarterly newsletters and frequent email briefs.

Design Teams

Design Lead: Responsible for overall set design, rules design and development, as well as organizing and implementing new formats as designated by the Organized Play Lead.

Development Lead: Responsible for working with Chapter-masters to playtest new rules, cards, and formats prior to their official release.

Design Team Lead: Leads an individual team through the process of designing a set of cards, as well as working with the Development Lead to incorporate comments from chapters to prepare a final release.

Current Guild Team

Guildmaster: Kevin Tatroe (Ktatroe)
Chapter Lead: Jim Ansaldo (JohnnyQuest)
Organized Play Lead: D. Garry Stupack (Tried)
Chaptermaster: Varies by region -- expect a call for volunteers soon
Community Liaison: Peter Scott (Alepulp) and Brian Mackey (Kiddoc)
Guild Crier: David Paul (Vrecknidj)

Original Edition (1.0) Team

Design Lead: Bert the Troll
Development Lead: Vacant, position available
Design Team Lead: Varies from set to set

Revised Edition (2.0) Team

Design Lead: Kevin Tatroe (Ktatroe)
Development Lead: Paul Grasshof (Grasshof)
Design Team Lead: Varies from set to set, but past leads have included D. Garry Stupack (Tried) in California, Keith Tatroe (Sienar) in Colorado, and Kevin Tatroe (Ktatroe) in Washington

Guild Crest

Justin Bass of Indiana has designed an exquisite coat of arms for the Guild. Among other applications, the coat of arms will be used on the backs of cards when/if the Guild offers printed stat cards.

Guild Mini

Tony Gullotti (Dagaron) of Indiana is point person on the design and production of a custom DDM Guild miniature. The miniature will be available by Gen Con. Polling the community resulted in a win for the Guild Master concept -- a tribute to E. Gary Gygax. Here is rough concept art by Greyhaze:
Image Image

Guild Logo

This week, we'll post a poll to gather community input regarding the selection of a Guild logo. Here are some of the contenders:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Now that a name has been settled upon, I imagine that some of these entries will be revised, and new ones will be submitted.

Guild Newsletter

The Guild Crier is busy working on the first quarterly DDM Guild newsletter. Keep your eyes peeled!

Organized Play

The Organized Play Lead is busy working on updated floor rules and a judges' test. These documents will be ready to debut at D&D Experience, if not sooner.

DDM Oracle

The DDM Oracle team is busy working on a conversational rulebook, which will debut no later than D&D Experience. Also, the Oracle's Comprehensive Rules Guide recently has been updated. In addition, the Oracle team is requesting community feedback by beta-testing two proposed rules changes. Feedback may be posted on the WotC forumsbr>
D&D Experience

The DDM Guild will officially launch at D&D Experience 2009. We will hold a Guild Meeting on Friday, January 30, from 5-5:45 PM. Check out all of the great DDM events at DDXP, and look for us at the Community Draft on Saturday night!

DDM Original Edition (1.0) Update

DDM 1.0 retro-conversion efforts are being led by Bert the Troll. The Guild membership has yet to decide on a process for official sanctioning of 1.0 retro-conversions.

DDM Revised Edition (2.0) Update

The WoTC-trained freelancers are still doing their freelance design thing. WotC remains committed to finishing the updates and releasing all sets by mid-year 2009. As some folks have finished their term of service, new reviewers have been invited into the set update process, and work on updating Aberrations has commenced, with Giants of Legend to follow in December. Blood War is now tournament-legal, and feedback has been largely positive. We hope to see published stat card updates for War of the Dragon Queen by December or January.
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DDM Guild Info
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