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 After Christmas Troll & Toad Newsletter

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PostSubject: After Christmas Troll & Toad Newsletter   Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:17 pm

Welcome to the Troll and Toad Newsletter,

Well, Christmas has came and went once again. The tree (if you haven't took it down already) is standing present less and naked from the bottom branches to the floor. Most of the family have left or are preparing for their trip back home, whether it be an hour away or across country.

Now your only thing left to do is sit back and await the brand new year and where else better to do so than right in front of the trusty ole' computer! Or perhaps in front of that brand new one you got from that jolly old man always dressed in red...your crazy Uncle Pete.

Either way, this pass year has flew right on by to me with plenty of up's and down's. This year is sure to be similar, only hopefully with more up's than down's. Unless one of the "down's" is getting to go down to Cancun, Mexico!!! Ariba! *clears throat and sits back down in office chair*...Any ways, with all hopes for a safe and happy New Year go forth and see what awaits each and all of you in 2009!

Other CCG's

The upcoming Street Fighter UFS ccg will be in our system soon and has quite a few new and good cards such as the Super Rares Double Somersault Kick and Gigas Breaker. There is also two different booster boxes titled Flames of Fame and Warrior's Dream. Each booster box contains 24, 10- card booster packs. Use these packs to train any fighter in the UFS system. Players will need at least one UFS starter deck to be able to use the cards from the booster packs!


As a special New Years Celebration we've decided to give all of you a special sale with all of these miniatures and/or boxes/sets! With use of each item's coupon code get that item/item's at the listed price beside them!

Arkham Asylum Cases $129.99! coupon code:ARKHAM
Justice League Sealed Cases just $99.99! coupon code:JUSTICE
Avengers Sealed Cases just $99.99! coupon code:AVENGE
Mutations & Monsters Sealed Cases just $99.99! coupon code:MONSTERS
Superman #105 Crisis Chase Figure just $89.99! coupon code:POWERFUL
Superman #100 Crisis Chase Figure just $89.99! coupon code:KRYPTON

Star Wars Pocketmodel
Ground Assault Hoth Tins $9.99! coupon code:ATAT

D&D Miniatures
Night Below Booster Packs only $8.99! coupon code:BELOW
Deathknell Cases $89.99! coupon code:KNELL
War of the Dragon Queen Cases $129.99! coupon code:DQCASE

Monsterpocalypse Starter Box Just $13.99! coupon code:ICHOMPNY

World of Warcraft Miniatures
WoW Miniatures Core Set Starters $14.99! BELOW COST! Cheapest price on the net! coupon code:WOWMINIS

Star Wars Miniatures
Star Wars Minis 2-Player Starter just $5.99! coupon code:TWOPAK
Clone Wars Starter Set just $8.99! coupon code:CLONES
Random Star Wars Miniatures just $.25! coupon code:RANDOMSTAR

Mage Knight
Atlantean Rams just $3.99! coupon code:RAMMIT
Dungeon Builder Kit #1 - only $3.99! Great for dressing your D&D Minis Dungeons! coupon code:BUILDIT
Omens Booster Packs only $1.99! coupon code:OMENS

Dreamblade Starter Set just $4.99! coupon code:DREAMBLADE
Dreamblade Base Set Booster just $2.49! coupon code:BASEBOOST

Mutant Chronicles
All Mutant Chronicles 50% OFF! While supplies last! coupon code:MUTANTC

Pokemon Miniatures
Pokemon 3-Figure Boosters just $4.99! coupon code:POKEMONSET

Transformers 3-D Battle Game
50% OFF All Products, while supplies last. coupon code:THREEDGAME

Horrorclix Base Set starter just $3.99! coupon code:THEHORROR
Horrorclix Base Set Booster just $1.99! coupon code:HORRORBOOST

Board Games

In the pre-Napoleonic era of war-fare a country rises up against it's Crowned mother land to become anew and free. It's creators will forge a government by the people and for the people through the flash and fire of a flintlock musket.

In Flintlock: Black Powder, Cold Steel Volume I: Carolina Rebels, four different North and South Carolina battles are focused upon from the 18th century linear warfare of the Revolutionary War. Each scenario that almost contains 1 or 2 thousand men, are as follows:

The Battle of Camden, August 17, 1780: Major General Horatio Gates leads an attack on the outnumbered Lieutenant General Lord Charles Cornwallis at about 6 miles North of Camden, South Carolina. There General Gates loses the battle due to the unordered retreat of the spear heading rebel militia. Which in return gives the British a fantastic win and the removal of Major General Gates's control of the Southern Theatre in the Revolution.

The Battle of Cowpens, January 17, 1781: Under the daring step of diving his armies, American commander Nathanael Greene orders Brigadier General Daniel Morgan to take his troops and detach from the main patriot force to do battle against the bold and brutal Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his dragoon force. Colonel Tarleton has the reputation of charging boldly into battle outnumbered and actually making sweeping wins. (For all of you war movie buffs and fans of good stuff, Colonel William Tavington from The Patriot is based off the real Colonel Tarleton!) Using masterful battle tactics Gen. Daniel Morgan defeated Colonel Tarleton at his on game nearly destroying his entire force and making him retreat with only 250 men.

Battle of Guilford Courthouse, March 15, 1781:Commander Nathanial Greene charges the outnumbered Lord Cornwallis with a 4,400 man force to Cornwallis's 1,900. The battle, lasting only 90 minutes, was a technical win for the British forces with over a quarter of their men dead and/or missing to show for it. British Whig Party leader Charles Fox was quoted for saying "Another such victory would ruin the British Army!" soon after hearing of the "win".

The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill, April 25th, 1781: The Marylanders of Commander Greene's forces fail to withhold advancements against the smaller numbered but better disciplined army of Lord Rawdon.

Christmas season make that wallet quite a bit thinner than expected? Remember that if you order $100 worth of boardgames, we'll ship you a copy of Vapor's Gambit for Free! Just mention Vapor in your comment section of your order.

Gaming Supplies & Dice

There will a massive and dramatic price drop of all supplies on January 1st, 2009! This price drop will affect any and all of the categories and items under the supplies and dice category! Be sure to not forget about this because the prices drop will be so low that we will about be the lowest any where!

Plus, after high demand and question the Elixer potions, from the same crazy group of folks who make Mana Potions, will be arriving here at Troll and Toad! Be sure to keep an eye open to get your hands on one and see if they taste any more wilder than those Mana potions!! X-D
Video Games

You know, it being after Christmas and all I get to sit back and thinking about all of my old gifts from the past. All the gadgets and game systems from yester year that used to make me think that technology was never gonna get any better than that. Boy was I wrong! But even with all of these new games that make you think that you are watching a sports game or movie on t.v.I still have a hugh spot in my heart for the old schoolers like Sega Master System and Nintendo.

Speaking of Nintendo games, we will be receiving in a huge load of Gameboy and Gameboy Color game cartridges over the couple of weeks! Multiple titles and unknown amounts of how many of each, so be sure to keep tabs of the progress for all of you that still own a classic Gameboy and Gameboy Color!

Questions, comments, suggestions? Email:

When the end is near the PCs yell out for the Encounter Killer!
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After Christmas Troll & Toad Newsletter
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