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 Troll and Toad Newsletter

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PostSubject: Troll and Toad Newsletter   Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:15 pm

Since they are our soon to be sponsor, I thought that I would post thier newsletter that i recieve frequently:

Welcome to the Troll and Toad Newsletter,

Other CCG's

"A turbulent force is approaching, and it's on a collision course with everything you thought you knew about the Pokemon TCG! In Diamond & Pearl Stormfront, you are met head-on by powerful Pokemon unrestrained and never holding anything back! In this frenzy you'll find new Pokemon LV.X, Trainer cards that power up when played together, and the dramatic entrance of some of the most popular Pokemon ever! The time has come to enter the storm, and witness this awe-inspiring spectacle first hand!"

Stormfront is finally here and being prepared to enter our system and into your hands in only a matter of hours! This one is the bomb people, let me tell you! With such awesomeness as Dusknoir LV.X and Gyarados how could it get any better than this? Well, it has...he needs no introduction, Charizard! Thats right, Charizard is back and with vengeance causing some really heavy hits and making champions out of dreamers! So, be sure to get out your pokeballs and prepare for the ultimate battle that awaits!

"The thundering drums of war echo throughout the land of Kalimdor. New warlords ride through the gates of Orgrimmar, eager to serve the warchief and leave their marks on the pages of history. Small battalions of Alliance soldiers arrive at outposts throughout Azeroth. It is only a matter of time until the piercing battle cries, roaring magic, and crashing steel evoke the symphony of war once again. When the dust settles, will you be remembered, or will you fade into oblivion?"

The Drums of War are sounding and the land is preparing for the unmerciful flow of blood and tears to come. Orcs are sharpening their axes and Dwarfs are listening for the approaching armies with trusty rifles at hand. Now you are amongst them waiting for other to make it's first move, are you read? Are you prepared? I think not... BUT that doesn't mean you can't still have a good time!

Try out Slashdance! This super common Loot card gives players a stack of Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.S., complete with targeting circle! Aim carefully at a glum group of characters and then, throw your grenade. Everyone in the target circle will receive a one minute “buff” that causes them to dance ‘til there’s a smile on their face! Not only will all the targeted characters bust a move, they will also get to enjoy some streamers and confetti, making it a real party!

Plush Toys

The Dark Knight has many more enemies than friends and/or allies but knows that this comes with the life he has chosen. Which brings us to an emeny that has been plucked from the once straight and narrow into a life of blind loyalty and naive dirty work for her beloved Joker, Miss Harley Quinn. The Harley Quinn 1:6 Scale Figure is a must for any serious collector of the capped crusader's adventers and heroics. Be sure to keep this one in mind when that certain time of year starts to creep up. With the never ending sound of bells jingling and children screaming while sitting on the laps of red suited strangers with long beards... I know I love it!

Role Playing Games

There is some new changes going on with the RPG's landing page with new tabs and choices such as RPG LOTS! and even a SUPER SALE for any one looking for a good deal! There has been major considerations made and the RPG dudes have figured that this is the more easier way of bringing what they do best to you the customer. Be sure to keep an eye on upcoming and new tabs and books coming this way!


The Clones have arrived and the defining war of the Star Wars galaxy has begun. Planets have became rittled with corpses and pieces of droids destroyed by the horrors of combat. Brave Jedi are at the helm leading the way such as Yoda and General Aayla Secura. The troops stand fast with courageous commanders and elite at the front awaiting to give any order that may lead them into death but even further into glory.

The heroes of Azeroth are now at your finger tips with greatly detailed miniatures and maps to create your own massive scale battles! You can place a preorder now for booster boxes and cases before they even get here, securing your armies at the dawn of this massive war in the horizon.

Plus be sure to check out D&D Demon Web, the new Dungeons and Dragons miniatures set due out November 18th!

Board Games

Be sure to also check out Barbossa: Kiev To Rostov because it is right now at a $55 preorder price! Fifty five dollars is nearly 35% off of all other Barbossa titles usual price, which is $200!! So, be sure to take a peek and snatch up your copy now before they finally get here and then get gone!

Questions, comments, suggestions? Email:

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PostSubject: Re: Troll and Toad Newsletter   Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:42 pm

Man they have some great older (pre 4.0) books.

I grabbed a couple.

When the end is near the PCs yell out for the Encounter Killer!
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Troll and Toad Newsletter
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