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 stephengroy's HW list

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PostSubject: stephengroy's HW list   Mon Dec 24, 2007 10:34 am

Updated: February 12, 2009

D&D Miniatures
Set UC/C
Chainmail Lead

D&D Miniatures
UC/C by set
Maps/Posters – DDM, SWM
Game Day Stuff
Spell Templates
Max your Minis card-sized ads
Set list inserts
Chainmail Lead
Other Lead
1:32 Scale/O Scale

PotSM Haves
Horrorclix H/W
Tannhauser Haves
Shadowrun: Duels Haves
Heroscape Haves
HeroClix Want
Mage Knight Doors has
Lead fer trade:

Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures

HAVE (Unopened)
Underdark Booster
Starter Set 2.0

Vadania, Half-Elf Druid
Roper x2
Dragonborn Defender
Dragonborn Myrmidon
Young Adamantine Dragon
Very Displeased Owlbear
Doresain, Really Nasty Undead Guy
Storm Giant Thunderer
Efeeti Flamestrider
Hierophant of the Seventh Wind x3 (1 bagged)
Dire Tiger (bagged)
Mind Flayer Lich (bagged)
Noble Salamander (bagged)
Dracotaur Rager (bagged)
Large White Dragon (bagged)
Shadowbane Inquisitor (bagged)
Greater Basilisk (bagged)
Angel of Valor x2 (1 bagged)
Champion of Baphomet (bagged)
Vampire Vizier x2
Emerald Orb Wizard (bagged)
Ice Devil (Bloodwar)
DoDr Griffon (bagged)
Young Silver Dragon x2 (Bagged)
Berserk Flesh Golem
Umberhulk Delver
Angel of Retribution
Ettin Jack of Irons (bagged)
Oni (bagged)
Drow Demonbinder (bagged)
Iron Dragon Prowler (bagged)
Draegloth Favored One (bagged)
Ettin Spirit Talker (bagged)
Girallon (bagged)
Yuan-ti Malison Incanter (bagged)

Lion-O Salad (D&DC33) x2
Carnage Demon
Spiker Champion (Promo 2)
Small Fire Elemental (Promo)
Bluespawn Stormlizard (Gen Con 1)
Ice Mephit (Promo)
Guenhwyvar (Gencon)
Game Day Spined Devil repaint (bagged)
Troglodyte Bonecrusher repaint
Chain Golem Repaint (bagged)
Free RPG Day Lurking Wraith repaint (bagged)
Drow Demonbinder (Gencon, bagged)
Kobold Archer (GTT08, bagged) x3
Phaseweb Spider Repaint x2 (bagged)

#3 Gnome Fighter
#18 Dwarf Barbarian x2
#42 Grimlock x3

#9 Healer x2
#13 Cleric of Kord
#24 Sage x3

Giants of Legend
#2 Dwarf Sergeant x3
#3 Standardbearer x2
#5 Sword of Glory
#6 Warforged Fighter x3
#7 Warmage
#11 Protectar x2
#12 Regdar, Adventurer
#24 Crucian x2
#28 Bladeling Fighter

Angelfire Uncommons
#2 Cleric of Dol Arrah x2
#4 Dwarf Wizard
#5 Justice Archon
#7 Spiker Champion
#22 Longstrider Ranger
#32 Blackscale Lizardfolk
#37 Chraal x2
#43 Imp

#27 Mercenary Sergeant
Trog Barbarian
#40 Troglodyte Captain x2
Dolgaunt Monk

War Drums
#21 Mephling Pyromancer
#48 Frost Dwarf

War of the Dragon Queen
#35 Greenspawn Razorfiend

Blood War
#3 Dwarf Sniper
#20 Medium Copper Dragon x4
#22 Shadowdancer
#26 Maug x3
#30 Bluespawn Stormlizard
#32 Greenspawn Sneak
#44 Soulknife Infiltrator x4
#46 Demonic Gnoll Priestess
#49 Ethereal Marauder x2
#58 Skeletal Reaper

#4 Devotee of the Silver Flame
#7 Phalanx Soldier
#14 Changeling Rogue
#16 Dwarf Battlerager x2
#26 Wild Elf Warsinger

Night Below (bagged)
Arcadian Avenger
Brass Golem
Champion of Dol Dorn
Deep Legionnaire
Delver Sergeant
Earth Mephit
Guard of Mithral Hall
Kalashtar Bodyguard
Giant Eagle
Halfling Tombseeker
Verdant Reaver
Warpriest of Vandria
Wild Mage
Bluespawn Ambusher
Greater Barghest
Greenspawn Zealot
Hobgoblin Marshal
Ice Mephit
Kobold Trapmaker
Medusa Archer
Skeletal Courser
Trained Carrion Crawler
Carnage Demon
Drow Enforcer
Gnoll Claw Fighter
Kuo-Toa Hunter
Large Chaos Beast

Desert of Desolation
Dwarf Brawler
#7 Militia Archer
#17 Eternal Blade
#18 Halfling Enchanter
#32 Rot Scarab Swarm x2
#39 Boneshard Skeleton x2
#46 Drow Blademaster x2
#56 Snaketongue Cultist x2

Dungeons of Dread (bagged)
Dwarf Warlord
Cleric of Pelor
Halfling Paladin
Elf Archer
Orc Raider
Howling Hag
Magma Brute
Vampire Spawn
Troglodyte Bonecrusher
Gnoll Marauder
Bugbear Headreaver
Dwarf Shieldmaiden
Goblin Picador
Human Fighter
Iron Defender
Everfrost Ranger
Kobold Archer
Defiant Rake
Tiefling Warlock
Warforged Infiltrator
Drow Wand Mage
Deathjump Spider
Giant Centipede

Against the Giants (bagged)
Enormous Carrion Crawler x2
Visceral Devourer
Bugbear Lancebreaker
Dwarf Warsword
Fist of Moradin
Plaguechanged Ghoul
Xorn Ravager
Cockatrice x2
LizardMAN Raider
Captain of the Watch
Golden Wyvern Initiate
Lurking Wraith
Blackroot Treant x2
Hellwasp x2
Elf Arcane Archer x3
Eladrin Pyromancer
Degenerate Cultist of Orcus x6
Gnaw Demon x6
Goblin Runner x2
Hobgoblin Guard x4
Flamescorched Kobold x5
Galeb Duhr x5
Ochre Jelly x6

Demonweb (bagged)
Lolthbound Goblin
Infernal Armor
Bugbear Warrior
Troggy Bonechanter
Soulrider Devil


Broken Demongate Errata x3
Dungeon of Dread Set Poster/map x3
Against the Giants Poster/Map

D&D Minis Tiles
Rock Shrine
Hall of Heroes
Statue Room
Medusa’s Chamber
Assembly 4 x9
Assembly 3
Mushroom Tangle x 16
Assembly 6 x6
Spikestones Cave x2
Bloodrock Cave
Ancient Temple x4
Torture Chamber x6
Assembly (Rubble)
Aftermath x2
Burial Chamber

#88769 Drazen's Horde Combo Box
(Hobgoblin Fighter [Urthok!], Ogre Trooper, Goblin Scout [Goblin Sneak])

Mordengard Furious Steel Combo Box
(Dwarf Fighter, Dire Badger, Dwarf Raider)

Ettin Trooper
Salamander Trooper
Hobgoblin Adept (no card)
Gnoll Trooper x2 [Gnoll]
Skeletal Orcs
Hobgoblin Fighter [Urthok!]
Human Paladin [Sword of Heironeus!]
Human Sorcerer
Human Glaiver x2
Human Marine x2
Gnome Infiltrator
Abyssal Ravager
Kuo-Toa Trooper [Kuo-Toa]
Drow Archer
Displacer Beast
Centaur Trooper [Centaur]
Wood Elf Scout [Elf Archer]
Spitting Felldrake x2
Gray Elf Duelist
Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist
Crested Felldrake
Wood Elf Ranger [Elf Ranger]
Grimlock Troopers x2
Crested Felldrake
Birch seeds to use as leaves

Rakshasa Assassin
Stormrage Blue Dragon

D&DC0 OP Zhentarim Fighter
D&DC01 OP Stalwart Paladin
D&DC02 OP Daring Rogue
D&DC05 OP Cleric of Lathander

GMR Repaints
Dread Guard
gmr 2 Scarlet Brotherhood Monk
gmr 4 Grim Necromancer
gmr 5 Weretiger
gmr 6 Xorn
gmr 7 Fiendish Girallon
gmr 9 Celestial Giant Stag Beetle
gmr 10 Duergar Slaver
gmr 12 Cyclops

Game Day 2005 Character Sheets

Shrine of Justice
Ebony Lake
Razor Drifts
Ice Palace
Broken Fountain
Jagged Wasteland
Mummy's Crypt
Sun Temple
Dungeon Rooms

Template: 20 Ft Radius (Fireball; Player Rewards)

Death Star
Mos Eisley / Cloud City
Coruscant / Geonosis
Battle Cruiser / Mustafar

Poster: Minis Played to the Max:
DE, Unhallowed, Desert of Desolation, AtG, Demonweb

Miniatures Handbook card-sized ads

Window Clings -- any

D&D XP 2007 Dice (any/all)

88474 Werewolf Trooper
88840 Hell Hound
88550 Human Shadow Priest
88434Gnoll Cleric
17610Half-Elf Cleric
88900 Ice Paraelemental
17609 Spiked Felldrake
88447 Half-Elf Sorcerer
88940 Half-Orc Assassin
88999 Dwarf People's Guard
88459 Zombie Minotaur
Orc Berserker Alt
Dwarf Fighter Alt
Gnoll Archer Alt

40058 Heroes Box
other lead figures, (old or new)

1:32 Scale/O Scale
Die Cast cars, planes, helos, etc. for Pulp or Modern RPG/Miniatures

Pirates of the Spanish Main
001 �Revenant punched
013 �Raven's Neck
016 �Recreant x2, 1 punched
021 �Carrion Crow punched
022 �El Dorado x2,
025 �Bonny Kate punched
037 �Skyme the Monkey
047 �HMS King Edward
051 �HMS Gallowglass
053 �HMS Meresman
055 �HMS Plantagenet
073 �La Joya del Sol
074 �El Tirador
077 �La Resolucion
082 �El Corazon del Mar punched
088 �Master Bianco
096 �Commandante Antonia de Silva
104 �Treasure/Captain x2, 1 punched
105 �Treasure/Cannoneer
115 �Treasure/Musketeer x2, 1 punched
117 �Treasure/Oarsman
118 �Treasure/Oarsman
121 �Treasure/Shipwright


M1A Tangled Webs
L2B Reversion Serum
HrC-003 Cold Spot x2
HrC-006 Watch Out! x3
HrC-008 Mesmerized
HrC-010 Frozen With Fear x2
HrC-012 I'm Not Going Anywhere
HrC-013 Look Left, Dodge Right
HrC-015 Silver Crucifix x3
HrC-018 Secret Passage
HrC-019 Bad Luck
HrC-021 Take My Hand!
HrC-023 Power Of Faith
HrC-026 Subplot: The Chosen Few
HrC-027 Subplot: Bitter Hatred
HrC-029 Subplot: Bring Them To Master
HrC-030 Subplot: Guardian's Mission
HrC-031 Unlucky At Love
HrC-034 Ticking Clock: Stroke Of Midnight
HrC-035 Ticking Clock: Just Before Dawn
HrC-036 Ticking Clock: Broad Daylight
Lab-001 Lab Coat x2
Lab-002 Digital Camera x2
Lab-003 Molotov Acid Cocktail x3
Lab-004 Bolus Infusion x3
Lab-005 Regression x4
Lab-006 Defibrillator x3
Lab-007 Immobilizing Collar x3
Lab-008 Temporal Disruptor x2
Lab-009 Matrix Of R'Lyeh x4
Lab-010 Enforced Mutation x3
Lab-011 Unfortunate Side Effects
Lab-012 Experimental Injection
Lab-013 Surgical Tools x3
Lab-014 Oscilloscope x3
Lab-015 Subplot: Lycanthropy x3
Lab-016 Subplot: Vampire Plague x3
Lab-017 Subplot: Slasher Madness x4
Lab-018 Subplot: Zombie Horde x3

E Dog Soldier
R Skeletal Maiden
E Skeletal Maiden
R Devil Imp
E Shambling Zombie x2
E Zombie Lawyer x4
R Runaway
R Mr. Fright
R Vampire Enforcer x2
E Scarecrow x2
V Scarecrow
R Executed Convict x2
R Tickler
Unique Widow Octavia

Rookie Pride Warrior
Rookie Brain Eater
Experienced Frothweiler

Experienced Vampire Roustabout
Experienced Escape Artist x2
Experienced Knife Thrower
Experienced Snake Oil Salesman
Rookie Bat Boy

Victim Tokens
Hobby Gamer
Test Subject

Plot Twists
Lab-L4D Gender-Change Ray
FS-005 Escaped Anaconda
FS-008 Tent Pole
FS-F1A Ring The Bell, Win A Prize
FS-F2A Everyone's A Winner
FS-F2B Popcorn Trail
FS-F2C Ticking Clock: Just After Sunset
FS-F3A Meet Me Under The Big Top
FS-F3B Stampede
FS-F4C Ticking Clock: Just Before Dawn

V Skeletal Maiden
V Vampire Enforcer
V Evil Leprechaun
V Ghostfinder
E Deep One
V Deep One
V Faith Priest
E Matron Mother
E Vampire Hunter
V Vampire Hunter
V Tickler
V Hook
E Terror Demon
V Terror Demon
V Nosferatu
E Field Agent
V Field Agent

V Corp Response
E Reptosapien
V Plague Vagrant
E Zombie Trooper
E Velociraptor
V Velociraptor
V Muttering Igor
U Valerie Elle

E Wildman
V Snack Pack
V Voodini
V King Kuranes
V Scorch
R Ventriloquist
E Ventriloquist
R Monster Patrol
R Undead Vendor
V Von Blood Brothers
R Gypsy Seer
E Phantom Maneater
V Phantom Maneater
E Bat Boy
V Eddie the Bat Boy
R Fan Dancer
V Crimson
R Flying Monkeys
E Flying Monkeys
V Lost Winkies
R Zombie Strongman
E Zombie Strongman
V Herculon
R Animal Tamer
V Alana
R Firefighter
E Firefighter
R Tattooed Man
E Tattooed Man
V Abel Terror
E Rabid Bear
E She-Wolf
V Lupina
Elephant Man
Cotswold Giant
Tunnel Terror
Wacko Jacko Lantern
Circus/Castle Map
Promo Mini Map
ANY/ALL Nightmares expansion

Yula Single Figure Pack

Liada x3
Kyushi x2 (one loose)


Agents/Gladiators x5

Magdalena (any rank, it's for a Tannhauser mod)

Mage Knight Dungeon Doors has
Face x1
Skull x2

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stephengroy's HW list
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