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 Sale/Trade Round 2(Lots of All-Stars, Marvel Legends, 40k)

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PostSubject: Sale/Trade Round 2(Lots of All-Stars, Marvel Legends, 40k)   Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:32 pm

All right, I'm taking things to ebay. I already put up the warhammer. I'm currently trying to work out selling some of the minis to a guy in town, but once that's settled, I'm probably moving the rest to ebay. If you want anything, it's your last chance more than likely.

You can keep me from having to resort to ebay by buying it all for $475 (pretty big amount saved, at my prices it would add up to $609 for everything). Or I'll take the best offer for everything.

Minis Getting the Update:
Archmage- $15
2x Frenzied Berserker- $17 Each
Mounted Paladin- $16
Couatl- $16
Storm Silverhand- $10
Vlaakith, the Lich Queen- $7
Tordek, Dwarf Champion- $7
Pit Fiend- $17.50
Marut- $7
Elminster of Shadowdale- $15
Red Wizard- $17 (Pending)

Large Black Dragon- $24
Thrall of Blackrazor- $5
Pentifex Monolith- $3
2x Virtuous Charger (1 with no card)- $11 ($10 with no card)
Beholder Lich- $17
Large Ice Elemental- $7 (Pending)
Werewolf Lord- $10 (with league epic)
Ultroloth- $6 (Pending)

Night Below:
2x Orc Banebreak Rider- $7 Each
Large Shadow Dragon- $18
Bone Naga- $7
Guardian Naga- $3 (Pending)
Raistlin Majere- $18 (with epic card)

Naga- $5

Other Minis:
Aspect of Tiamat- $30
Huge Red Dragon- $50
Fiendish Tyrannosaurus- $2 (Pending)
Cleric of Corellon Larethian- $17
Gold Champion- $10
Barbed Devil- $7
Fire Giant Forgepriest- $12
Valenar Nomad Charger- $7
Ettin Skirmisher- $8
Large Deep Dragon- $9
Yuan-ti Abomination- $15
Chimera- $13 (Pending)
Sword Archon- $5
Thundertusk Cavalry- $8
2x Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion- $9 (2x Pending)
Stone Giant- $7
Eldritch Giant- $6
Storm Giant- $17
Celestial Pegasus- $7.50
Griffon Cavalry- $5
Griffon- $8
Drow Arachnomancer- $5
Mind Flayer Telepath- $14
Orc Wardrummer- $6
Battle Plate Marshal- $4

Guenwhyvar 20 Years of Drizzt Promo- $9
Spined Devil Promo with 2.0 Prototype Card- $3

Other D&D(ish) stuff:
Dangerous Journeys (Mythus)- $4
Dangerous Journeys (Mythus Magic)- $4

Spellfire- 1st edition, 2 Starter Decks- $5
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Sale/Trade Round 2(Lots of All-Stars, Marvel Legends, 40k)
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