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 Chainmail Equivlents

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PostSubject: Chainmail Equivlents   Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:04 pm

Below you will find the Chainmail version and then the set mini, click on the set mini to download the stat card.
Azer Trooper: Azer Raider
Centaur Trooper:Centaur
Crested Felldrake: Crested Felldrake
Dire Boar: Dire Boar
Displacer Beast: Displacer Beast
Drow Archer: Drow Archer
Drow Fighter: Drow Figheter
Dwarf People's Guard: Dwarf Axefighter
Wood Elf Scout: Elf Archer
Grey Elf Wizard: Elf Pyromancer
Wood Elf Ranger: Elf Ranger
Ghoul: Ghoul
Gnoll Trooper: Gnoll
Goblin Scout: Goblin Sneak
Half-Orc Assassin: Half-Orc Assassin
Half-Orc Fighter: Half-Orc Fighter
Hell Hound: Hell Hound
Human Conscript: Human Commoner
Hyena: Hyena
Kuo-Toa Trooper: Kuo-Toa
Human Warrior: Man-at-Arms
Crazed Minotaur Cultist: Minotaur
Ogre Trooper: Ogre
Orc Berserker: Orc Berserker
Orc Gangfighter: Orc Spearfighter
Orc Trooper: Orc Warrior
Owlbear: Owlbear
Human Swiftwing Disciple: Sun Soul Initiate
Human Paladin: Sword of Heironeous
Tiefling Fighter: Tiefling Captain
Zombie Troglodyte: Troglodyte Zombie
Werewolf Trooper: Werewolf
Skeletal War Dog: Wolf Skeleton
Wood Elf Skirmisher: Wood Elf Skirmisher
Abyssal Maw: Abyssal Maw
Bugbear Trooper: Bugbear
Drow Warrior: Drow Warrior
Drow Wizard: Drow Wizard
Dwarf Cleric: Cleric of Moradin
Dwarf Zealot: Dwarf Barbarian
Goblin Trooper: Goblin Warrior
Gray Elf Warrior: Elf Spearguard
Grimlock Trooper: Grimlock
Half-Dragon Mage: Silver Sorcerer
Half-Elf Sorcerer: Half-Elf Sorcerer
Human Death Cleric: Cleric of Nerull
Orc Druid: Orc Druid
Salamander Trooper: Salamander
Stonechild: Stonechild
Very Young Brass Dragon: Brass Dragon
Very Young Red Dragon: Large Red Dragon
Hobgoblin Fighter: Urthok the Vicious
Abyssal Eviscerator: Abyssal Eviscerator
Gnoll Archer: Gnoll Archer
Hill Giant: Hill Giant
Human Templar: Human Dragonslayer
Orc Champion: Orc Champion
Giants of Legend
Dwarf Fighter: Dwarf Sergeant
Ettercap: Ettercap
Gnoll Warrior: Gnoll Sergeant
Human Shadow Priest: Lareth the Beautiful
Otyugh: Otyugh
Dwarf Ranger: Dwarf Caver
Dire Badger: Celestial Dire Badger
Skeletal Dwarf Soldier: Skeletal Dwarf
Ettin: Ettin Skirmisher

When the end is near the PCs yell out for the Encounter Killer!
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Necromancer Supreme

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PostSubject: Re: Chainmail Equivlents   Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:39 pm

How odd, the Sword of Hieroneous looks like Ragnarra, Psychic Warrior (I believe that was her name) almost exactly (different hair is really it).
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PostSubject: Re: Chainmail Equivlents   Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:00 pm

Zero, you may be mistaken.

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PostSubject: Re: Chainmail Equivlents   

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Chainmail Equivlents
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