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 I must be one lucky SOB

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PostSubject: I must be one lucky SOB   Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:39 pm

Now if I can get Battleworks to send my stuff that I really need!

But I got all the following for 160.00!

1 Dragon Samurai
1 Paladin of Torm
1 Drizzt, Drow Ranger
1 Fire Genasi Dervish
1 Dire Wolf
1 Bearded Devil
5 Valiant Cavalry
1 Mounted Drow Patrol
1 Noble Salamander
2 Blackguard on Nightmare
1 Doresain, the Ghoul King
2 Voracious Ice Devil
10 Degenerate Cultist of Orcus
1 Elder Red Dragon
1 Fire Titan
1 Shadow Hulk
8 Galeb Duhr
1 Storm Giant Thunderer
1 Chain Golem
1 Death Titan
1 Young Adamantine Dragon
4 Enormous Carrion Crawler
2 Roper
5 Elf Arcane Archer

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Pinky Narfanek
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Pinky Narfanek

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PostSubject: Re: I must be one lucky SOB   Tue Jul 22, 2008 8:57 pm

That looks like a pretty good score. I'm not 100% up on prices anymore, but I'd expect Driz'zt, the Dire Wolf and the Bearded Devil to almost run that much!

No RPG for old men.
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I must be one lucky SOB
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